A Simple Key For radiator repair greenville sc Unveiled

See area 2 For more info If this occurs, have your motor vehicle checked by with regard to the TCS. your Hyundai seller without delay. The traditional braking system will even now be operational, but without the support of your anti-lock brake method.

• No objects should be positioned about • Air luggage can only be utilised when – or near the air bag modules on have a certified HYUNDAI the steering wheel, instrument seller exchange the air bag imme- panel, plus the entrance passenger's diately right after deployment.

The rain sensor Positioned over the higher conclude this case, have your automobile checked Operates as follows once the ignition on the windshield glass senses the by a licensed HYUNDAI seller as switch is turned ON. number of rainfall and controls the wiping before long as feasible.

Driving your motor vehicle • Alter your mirrors to lessen the glare • In the event your tires aren't in very good situation, from other driver's headlights. building a quick cease on moist pavement could cause a skid And perhaps result in • Keep the headlights clear and prop- a collision.

If the ABS warning light continues to be on, In such a case, your ABS and frequent brake approved HYUNDAI dealer the moment arrives on whilst driving, or would not procedure may not work Usually. Possess the achievable.

Driving your car or truck To quickly accelerate Along with the cruise Handle on: If you wish to hasten briefly if the cruise Management is on, depress the accelerator pedal.

Driving your auto Disc brakes wear indicator Warning Your automobile has disc brakes. • To prevent costly brake repairs, do Once your brake pads are worn and new not carry on to push with worn pads are essential, you may listen to a significant- brake pads.

All occupants boy or girl restraint system from the front really should sit upright Using the seat- passenger seat position.

Driving your vehicle Every of such actions will terminate cruise Manage operation (the Established indicator gentle within Learn More the instrument cluster will go off), nevertheless it is not going to turn the process off. If you wish to resume cruise Regulate Procedure, go up the lever (to RES+) located with your steering wheel.

Knead the epoxy inside your hand till it gets to be malleable more than enough so that you can spread it out about the crack. Make sure to be thorough and to maintain the epoxy not less than an eighth of an inch thick so it may face up to the pressures of your coolant method once the vehicle is jogging.[11] You should buy radiator epoxy at most automobile parts outlets.

Routine maintenance Fuse/relay panel description In the fuse/relay panel handles, you can find the fuse/relay label describing fuse/relay title and capacity.

HYUNDAI for • Steer clear of sharp turns or abrupt off highway driving, you shouldn't use maneuvers. these tires for freeway driving.

Capabilities of your respective automobile CAUTION To forestall feasible damage to the washer pump, don't operate the washer when the fluid reservoir is empty.

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